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Software Features

Designed to make compliance simpler

Dashboard display allows visibility of task status



All compliance tasks are scheduled so you never miss a compliance task again. Tasks can be scheduled to be completed daily, weekly, monthly or 5 yearly… the important piece is that they are scheduled and you will know when they need to be completed.



Tasks are completed by operators on-site using the handheld device. This field capture greatly reduces the time taken, allows users to ensure each task is completed and that parameters are known when completing the tasks. No more papers and no more double or triple handling.

Operators view
Visibility of performance allow managers to manage



All compliance tasks can be viewed and interacted with from the user-specific dashboards. View whether tasks have been completed, if they have passed or failed and track all actions to close (with an audit trail). View proof of presence that persons were at the point of action when the works were done, see names, time and date and geolocation of when tasks were completed.



Vasts amount of data mean the right information needs to be reported to the right people at the right time. Auto reporting allows for reports to be set up and sent without further input. This allows for reporting to be accurate and unbiased where the system reports data and performance to allow key persons to make informed decisions.

Automated reports: easy, efficient & certain
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