Experience & Integrity in Compliance

Directors Colin & Ryan have known each other and been friends for nearly 3 decades. Growing up together we have always spoken about starting a business together. These ideas and dreams eventually became a reality in December 2015 when we started Do Diligence. 

Understanding each others strengths and weaknesses and most of all knowing and sharing core values is why we have chosen to work together. This understanding  and trust has provided a strong foundation for a dynamic and growing partnership. 

Our history has shaped the way we do business, operating on the principles of stewardship, fairness, equality & sustainability.  

We pride ourselves on being committed and collaborating in developing products and solutions and bringing these into both our personal and professional endeavors

Managing Director


Colin is an enthusiastic Director with a passion for compliance and supporting our clients in achieving outstanding compliance results.

As a recognised Health, Safety and Environmental professional with many years of experience, Colin understands the importance of the detail required to maintain and demonstrate compliance…

Colin is driven to support our clients in working smarter to achieve their desired compliance outcomes. Colin is responsible for supporting the efficient adoption of the ZetaSafe compliance software and provide access to data that is both transparent and accountable, two key functions of effective compliance management programs.

Managing Director


As one of Australia’s leading water management professionals, Ryan has long seen the benefit of utilising technology to demonstrate compliance in the water industry.

Coupled with demonstrating compliance, is the incredible value of data that is able to provide direction, patterns and early warnings in the effective management of water hygiene.

A key belief held by Ryan is that all decisions should be made with all the available information considered and that effective compliance solutions provides ‘data-driven decision making’.