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Contractor Management

Keep your workforce safe and compliant

With a growing reliance on contractors, we understand the need to schedule, direct and hold contractors to account is becoming increasingly difficult.

Using the compliance software, managing contractors and dealing with their data becomes simple.

Require your contractors to use your compliance software has numerous benefits, including:

Confirm they are meeting the requirements of their contract (and managing your risk)
Task completion are visible to clients via dashboards and auto reports
Reduce the number of reports that you receive and have to read
Exception reporting – let the action that needs your attention come to you…
Countless hours of admin time saved
Full accountability for all contractors
Full audit trail of all actions through to close
All documents housed in the system, one stop shop for audits
Reporting is transparent and unable to manipulated

Clients that have implemented the ZetaSafe software report significant administration saving, more accurate data, improved contractor performance and accountability and more efficient use of contractors time.

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Implement for Contractor Management

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