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Report on your compliance

We all understand that reporting is an important part of every role. However just because it is important, doesn’t mean it has to be hard. With our automated reporting, we can provide key reports with bespoke data as required. 

With large amounts of data captured, we have developed a reporting platform that provides reports that are meaningful and tailored to user requirements. 

Auto reports mean that when reports are set up once, these reports continue to run at set intervals (be that time or performance-based). This removes the opportunity for any manipulation of reporting and allows for reporting to be delivered without additional input – enjoy your holidays!

Exception reporting allows managers to be made aware of all tasks that need attention.

Live data can mean that reports are less important

That means you (or your team) no longer need to read a voluminous report to identify the few items that require your attention. 

Exception reports are often used to report only missed tasks so you (your team and the service providers) are all aware of what has not been completed. Additionally, exception reports are used to report failed tasks, so instead of being hidden within reams and reams of ‘compliant’ results, the non-compliant results are front and centre and land on your desk (or whoever’s desk you delegate that too…). This means that all out of spec result are known and can be addressed as necessary.

Auto-reports run automatically. Making life simple

Summary monthly, quarterly or annual (whatever time frame you select) management reports can be set up and sent automatically. These reports allow you to see the ‘higher level’ data and are best used to inform big-picture decisions. Depending on the volume of data held, data analytics is the next step and many of our clients have found surprising stories hidden within the data and allowed for smarter, strategic decision making.

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Learn more about reporting

Book a demo with our team and we’ll walk you through how easy it is to report on your compliance with Do Diligence.