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We all know how important our Children are… It is up to us to provide a safe learning environment for them to learn, grow & flourish. 

The compliance software is already used in over 620 schools across the United Kingdom and the USA, including some of the most prestigious schools in the United Kingdom. In addition to these schools, the software is currently employed by over 25% of the Universities in the United Kingdom. 

Understanding and managing compliance in the Education sector is core component of what we do. 

​The breadth of the application of the Zetasafe software is significant. It is currently being used to manage the following areas: 

Fire Risk Management – with a particular focus on the halls of residence
Electrical Infrastructure – distribution boards, thermographic imaging and testing and tagging
Sampling – water hygiene & food hygiene
Carbon & Energy measure and management
Water Hygiene Management
Fume Cupboards
Working at height equipment
Life Safety Systems
Lifts and Mechanical Equipment
Radiation Equipment
Waste & Recycling

With Education being such an important facet of modern-day life, the burden of proof of compliance is growing. With stakeholders demanding to know that not only are their children being well cared for but that the governance is well managed. 

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