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Healthcare & Hospitals

Complete Compliance in Health Care

With hundreds of hospitals internationally using the compliance software, we have demonstrated time and again that we understand the challenges in healthcare.

We support clients in many ares to ensure that not only are tasks being done, but if each and every task is compliant (or not) and all actions are tracked for an audit trail to show those auditors.

Talking of auditors… always be audit ready. All tasks are scheduled and recorded in the software so if things are not being done, you will know way before the auditor comes and can fix that process.

And really talking of Auditors… our clients often provide feedback that auditors of all types, are impressed by the transparency & visibility of the improved approach to compliance management. While we know & understand the enormous effort that goes into be audit ready, but having a process and compliance partner to assist is often well received by the auditors.

Key areas we support our health care clients:

Water Hygiene Compliance
Emergency Generators
Electrical Distribution Boards
Automated Doors
Negative Pressure Rooms
Boom Gates
Plumbing Infrastructure
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Take control of your healthcare compliance

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