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Manage your compliance

Ensuring that all your compliance tasks are met, and that your systems remain within the defined parameters can be time-consuming and laborious.

Using a smarter system to ensure compliance tasks are completed is one thing, but what about the performance of the systems? Knowing whether the parameters are being met, whether tasks are passing, in the danger zone or failing is important and managers need to have this information easily accessible to make informed decisions. 

Understand data, manage performance.

Receiving paper or electronic (.pdf and word documents are not so different from paper reports) is now too time-consuming for busy managers. Having to review pages and pages of information to get to the critical information is no longer a luxury people can afford. 

Being able to log into a customisable dashboard (that has been created by you to see the information only you want to see) allows our clients to work smarter.

Seeing whether tasks have been completed, and if so did they pass or fail has been highlighted as being incredibly valuable by our clients. But the other dashboard displays blow them away: 

Full audit trail of all results that require action to close
Real-time trending of all key data metrics
Tracking out of spec issues to closure
One-stop document repository
API compatible, receive and push information to/from other systems
Auto upload of documents sent by email – never have to search for a report again
Schedule document review, so all documents can be kept current.
Data analytics

A key purpose of the dashboard is to keep management informed and efficient. Allowing management to schedule and act only on tasks that are in need of attention. While the good news is always available to be viewed and shared (and it should be from time to time…), the software is ideal for allowing management to remain focused on the areas that need attention. We call it exception reporting… our clients call it amazing…

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Learn more about managing compliance

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