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Environment Management

Compliance management for a beautiful world

Environmental Management is a necessary, but complex requirement within projects and the built environment. Capturing the environmental requirements, scheduling the tasks and ensuring they are completed at the correct time is important in meeting planning and environmental commitments. 

The compliance software is used to capture conditions, commitments and procedures which allow critical tasks to be scheduled and discharged at the correct times within the project.


Create a master compliance scheme that captures all conditions from the following

Conditions of approval
EPL Conditions
EMP Commitments
EMS procedures & commitments

All tasks are scheduled notified to the operator / owner when they are due. This means that key staff are issued a reminder when monitoring is to be undertaken, a management plan is to be reviewed or when a report or audit is due to be issued to the environmental regulator.


Capturing operational tasks is imperative, when these tasks have been committed to in the management plans and are being managed by clients or local authorities. 

From measuring emissions and dust, water use, water sampling and more, capturing the operational tasks is simple and provides critical evidence for audits and project plan submissions.

Key items include: 

  • Schedule and capture all your environmental management tasks in one simple, real-time system.
  • Complete environmental activities using mobile devices, capturing critical information such as:
    • User name of the person completing the task, ​
    • Time & date stamp
    • Geolocate
    • Proof of Presence
  • Track, manage and demonstrate all your environmental compliance in one simple system.
  • Documents, Management Plans and other key deliverables have review dates added to them, so no reviews and updates are missed. 
  • Audit Ready – all tasks and results are captured in the system with proof of presence and auto trending of results to provide instant trends and notifications of compliance to pre-set standards. 

Field Monitoring: 

Our clients use the Zetasafe software to manage field sampling and monitoring tasks. Using the software our clients schedule all tasks and records all field results directly into the cloud-based software. This allows for: 

  • Direct entry of field data
  • Proof of presence, geo-locate, time and date stamp and record the user
  • Immediate visibility of set parameters on-site (using RAG display)
  • Electronic chain of custody with laboratory (and automated results return) 
  • Scheduling of tasks to ensure environmental conditions and commitments are met.
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