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Compliance in the Construction Sector

With construction being such a high-risk industry, we require a real focus on keeping equipment, plant and processes in suitable working order. Being able to comply with any number of legal, industry or client standards, the Zetasafe Software places your requirements at the heart of the system and ensures that your staff are aware of what is required at all times.

All routine inspections are scheduled and can be completed on-site in real-time, with information immediately available to key personnel off-site. 

Pre-starts on plant, inspections on fire equipment, lifting equipment, excavations, scaffolds or any other high-risk task can be easily completed and easily monitored from anywhere in the world.

Don’t wait for the auditor to come to site until you check if the inspections are being done and all equipment and process are compliant.

Optimise your Business

Key Benefits Include

Reduce paperwork
Save Time
Legible results
Scheduled Alerts
Plan maintenance
Real timed data
Free up supervisor time
Reduce costs

A practical example: 

All plant and light vehicles require daily pre-start inspection. These inspections are undertaken routinely to manage the high-risk nature of the equipment. Traditional paper records are cumbersome and time-intensive, requiring the paper copy to be passed through multiple hands in order to review and record the reports. 

Utilising the compliance Software, all pre-inspections are recorded on the app and all records automatically populated in the reports and dashboard. 

Any concerns or non-compliances recorded a notification is immediately sent to the designated person for action. All items marked as compliant are recorded and instantly populated into the automated reports. 

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Implement for Construction

To understand how we currently work with construction clients, please get in touch to arrange a demo or call.