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Compliance in the Mining Sector

Do Diligence understand the importance of effective health, safety and environmental management within the mining sector. The customisable compliance software is widely used to provide compliance management across these critical fields. 

The software is extensively used in high-risk industry including Oil & Gas and mining, both on-shore and offshore. 

A key feature of the compliance software is the broad application of the system and the varied disciplines that require effective management on site. Allowing for a single point of the truth to complete, manage and report on all compliance.

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Key Features

Task scheduling
Mobile App for completing tasks
Provides Proof of Presence
Built in-parameters
Full summary / monthly reports, full audit history.
Date, time, geolocation, and user data capture for task completion
Any failures or out of specification results auto reported including photo’s and actions
Any missed tasks are notified to management, drive accountability


Disciplines where the software is currently used include

Water Hygiene
Fire Management
Electrical infrastructure
Emergency standby equipment
Calibration management
Equipment management
Fire suppression systems
Conveyor systems management
Sampling tasks
Fuel management
Plant and equipment compliance management
Toolbox inspection, plant and management

A Case Study: 

Do Diligence are pleased to get feedback from our clients. We are pleased to hear that one of the most recognised benefits of the software is the breadth of application. Many of our clients use the software in multiple compliance areas including some of those listed above.

Our clients enjoy having a single source of compliance that tells the whole story of performance on site. With the software being customisable to create compliance schemes per discipline, clients use the software as a ‘single source of the truth’. Whether looking at plant / equipment, water, fire or food hygiene, the system can be used to manage each area. 

Clients enjoy being able to customise the inspections, frequencies, parameters etc. for their compliance tasks, which makes the software bespoke to client requirements, while still maintaining alignment to industry and Australian and International standards. 

Automated Reports: 

A key feature that is enjoyed by our clients is the automated reports. The burden of reporting is well known within the mining industry, with the automated reporting alleviating much of the pressure, this feature frees up time and resource for our clients. The automated reporting includes standard weekly and monthly etc. performance reporting, but also includes exception reporting. This allows information that is important to your organisation to be notified to the relevant stakeholders. All other information is captured and available in the electronic dashboard and within the automated reporting features – for when you need it.

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