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Aged Care

Compliance in Aged Care

We understand that the Aged Care Sector provides a profound role in our society. Aged care is a rapidly changing sector with unique challenges. We work with our aged care clients to achieve outstanding compliance management. We understand the evolving accreditation standards and the robust system required to meet these standards. 

Using the ZetaSafe compliance software, brought to you by Do Diligence, we support our aged care clients by scheduling all tasks, measuring the performance and reporting all information to departmental managers. 

Completing these important, but routine compliance tasks, such as housekeeping tasks, maintenance tasks and clinical inspections using our mobile app, not only saves a significant amount of staff time, but also reduces the management time… and is great when the auditor comes to visit.

No more checking, reviewing or filing paperwork, audit preparation etc. managers can view all performance at the click of a button and get notified with tasks are missed or do not comply allowing managers to intervene where needed and not spend unproductive hours reading and preparing sheets and reports. 

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Implement for Aged Care

To understand how we currently work with Aged Care clients, please get in touch to arrange a demo or call.