Our Partners

We work with key supply partners who use the ZetaSafe compliance software to provide excellent service to your clients. Working together we can deliver a range of benefits to our clients. Our partners include:

Ecosafe International

As one of Australia’s leading Water Hygiene Consultancy’s, Ecosafe International is an innovative company always looking to improve their services to their clients. Partnering with Do Diligence has allowed Ecosafe International to deliver value, innovation and transparency to a range of clients. With a focus on providing comprehensive services, Do Diligence has been able to provide data management and visibility in a clear and simple manner.

Aspire Risk Management

Aspire Risk Management is a specialist Health, Safety and Environment Consultancy based in Western Australia. With a passion for innovation, Aspire actively seek smarter and efficient ways of delivering important services to a range of clients. Partnering with Do Diligence was a simple choice when considering the simple cloud-based software and the comprehensive nature of the service. With much of the safety, health & Environment being about proactive intervention and record-keeping, Do Diligence is the perfect partner.


Partnering with Micad has been instrumental in the growing compliance industry in Australia. With their knowledge and experience and innovative approach to effectively managing compliance across many sectors, Micad has proven to be the ideal Software partner.
We continue to work with Micad to grow outstanding compliance solutions for our clients, existing and new.


Harley’s Complete Plumbing Services
Harley’s Complete Plumbing Services is consistently recognised as one of Perth’s leading Plumbing Companies in Perth.

Harley’s have an industry reputation for always putting the customer at the forefront of what they do and consistently exceed customer expectations as a result.

As an organisation that consistently seeks, evaluates and brings innovation, this approach allows Harleys to consistently deliver quality work in new and innovative ways, that delivers quality, value and innovation as part of the service.

Benefits of using Do Diligence and our Key Partners​​

Reports, data and performance

Clients value when you are able to provide data & reports demonstrating not only your performance but also their compliance – they can send this information up the chain.


for many clients, getting the evidence that they are complying with their legal and safety standards makes them confident that not only they comply, but that they have a quality contractor that they can rely on.

Quality service

Track the performance of your team to ensure that they are delivering a quality service. That way you can be assured that you are meeting your contract requirements and minimizing the risk of losing existing contracts.

Revenue certainty

By scheduling and undertaking compliance tasks, you can ensure planned works and therefore revenue is generated in accordance with the compliance schedule.


Use the compliance software to inform your work scheduling. Knowing where resources are required in the coming days, weeks and months allows you to plan your resources and deliver services efficiently.