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Complete all your compliance tasks

For those interested in working smarter, this is where the rubber hits the road. Using mobile devices such as mobile phones and/or tablets, operators are able to complete all tasks on site. Not only is the information captured in real-time, with records of who undertook the tasks, but tasks are also time and date stamped and geo-location captured. 

Working with handheld devices means efficiency and a greater level of detail can be captured, this includes option tasks – Pass / Fail, compliant / Non-compliant, that sort of thing. Your operators assess the performance and provide a selected response. 

View tasks that need to be complete on your phone.
Complete tasks at the point of operation.
Parameters built into the system.

But if you need more complex information, capture numerical data to identify trends, alerts and performance. You can capture pressure readings, temperatures, chemical parameters and more so that you can be sure your systems are performing as intended. 

In addition, users can asses performance against pre-set parameters so the operators know on-site if the result is within the prescribed range.

This makes your staff and contractors a whole lot smarter as all standards and parameters are now in the palm of their hand. 

This also allows our clients to maximise resources allowing a range of operators to undertake less specialised tasks as the knowledge to complete the tasks is in the system… in their hand.

With more and more IoT (internet of things) devices coming online, receiving data into your systems has never been easier. By selecting to be device agnostic, the compliance software is able to receive data from a range of sources so you can view all data from probes, monitors and other devices.

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Learn more about performaing compliance tasks

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