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Join the thousands of organisations worldwide who trust the ZetaSafe compliance software for health, safety, quality, and environmental compliance.
Whether you’re managing your own compliance or are a service provider, we’ll help tackle your compliance challenges and keep your people, assets and infrastructure safe and secure.

Do Diligence are proud to be an approved Zetasafe compliance software reseller.

Compliance Software Done Right 

Reduce compliance-related incidents, identify important trends, reduce risks, and improve operations performance.  

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Use One Platform

The only solution you need for the whole compliance cycle: from planning and scheduling, to performing and managing tasks, and reporting and analysis.

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Complete Tasks Promptly

Easy scheduling and assigning of tasks saving you time, effort, and worries.

Visible Results image

Visible Results

One click lets you know which tasks are compliant, non-compliant, or needs attention – no need to finish reading voluminous reports. Results are visible on a dashboard.

Increased Transparency image

Increased Transparency

Because it is cloud-based, accurate and real-time compliance information is accessible 24/7, from any location.

Accessible & Convenient image

Accessible & Convenient

Get convenient access on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It is also user-friendly, customisable, with automation features, and is able to integrate with other systems.

Customise your Experience image

Customise your Experience

You can customise your dashboard, reports, and add or remove compliance modules as you need them.

Secure Data image

Secure Data

The compliance software meets client data security requirements and has industry leading accreditation.

Peace of Mind image

Peace of Mind

Software allows for transparency, which allows for users to understand your compliance status. Remain up to date and be audit ready.

End-to-End Solution That Empowers Users

The compliance solution has four primary features that empower users to make compliance simpler.


You can schedule all compliance tasks (daily, weekly, monthly, or even once every 10 years), making them easier to complete. As task completion details can be shared between clients and service providers, progress becomes easier to track.


Because tasks are performed on handheld devices, your tasks can be done more efficiently, completed correctly, and capture more details.


You will have just one location for all compliance tasks, documents, and reports. Your dashboard will inform you of areas that need attention, while all other information is always available for viewing.


Reports can be automated to run at set intervals, and meaningfully tailored to your requirements. Summary reports can be generated and sent automatically. Exception reporting will enable you to quickly see tasks needing attention. Reports can be exported in various formats and easily shared with auditors or regulators.

Compliance Made Simple

Compliance is always an ongoing process, not a one-time activity.

It is multi-faceted, involving legal, regulatory, ethical, and industry-specific obligations.

We make it simpler for you…

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Book a demo and get a sample of how the software works. Feel the ease of scanning barcodes, adding compliance data, and viewing trends and reports.

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Our team will collaborate with you to assess your compliance management processes and configure the system to ensure compliance.

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Experience the simple implementation process, from setup and customisation to training and ongoing support.

Take the first step right now and we’ll get you up and going for you in no time.

Meeting your Compliance Needs

This software is used to manage many different systems, including:

Water Hygiene

Emergency Equipment / Generators

Preventative Maintenance

Food Hygiene



Infection Control

Lifting Equipment

Temperature Management



Waste Management 

Electrical Compliance

Patient Bed Compliance


Fire Compliance

Ad Hoc Incident Reporting


All Sectors We Service

The software is used by Australian compliance managers and service providers in

organisations within the following sectors:

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Do Diligence are a trusted ZetaSafe® partner in Australia.
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