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Legionella Management – A Success Story

With a chronic Legionella problem, we helped develop a successful and sustainable solution and moved them into a healthy and compliant space. This was achieved with our strategic partner and we are very proud to be associated with Ecosafe International.

Working with one of our key Hospital Clients and Ecosafe International, Do Diligence have helped the client to demonstrate their proactive commitment and application of effective water hygiene management and Legionella Prevention. In a working hospital, it is inevitable that the wards and even buildings will be closed from time to time for refurbishment, maintenance and major capital works. During this time it is critical that turnover with suitably chlorinated water is maintained to prevent colonisation of the pipework and legionella bacteria in the pipework.

This is not only critical for the ward in question, but also for adjacent wards who will undoubtedly be affected by the water in the adjacent infrastructure. Short of draining down all the pipework and isolating for the duration, there are other potential controls that can be applied. Potential controls are identified in the EnHealth Guidelines (2015), and should be consistent with the multi barrier approach. In this case, the Hospital followed the advice of Ecosafe International and identified sentient points from which free chlorine residual could be measured and all taps were identified as requiring flushing on a weekly basis (the plumbing fixtures identified as dead / idle legs for the duration of the project). Utilising the cloud based, Do Diligence software, these tasks (flushing, free chlorine measurement and temperature measurement) were scheduled each week for the internal plumbing team to completed. By utilising the barcoding system and mobile device, the client can demonstrate that their team have been at the assigned location each week (providing proof of presence) and completed the tasks. Not only were the staff at this point, but the record keeping was perfectly maintained due to the efficient use of the cloud based software. No paper recording or transferring the records into an electronic format or report. All reporting is completed at the same time the task is completed and is ready for the auditor…​

This has provided the management team with transparency over the scheduled tasks and the complete visibility over the results and has provided the plumbing team with an efficient means of completing a critical task, that, if not completed could have led to a legionella infested ward when the works were completed, which in turn could lead to expensive remedial works and delays to the opening of the new wards.

Legionella compliance software
Visibility of data is essential to understanding and managing your risk.

By utilising the Do Diligence system, our client have employed operational Monitoring to effectively and pro-actively manage and prevent Legionella and colonisation of the pipework, which has not only managed the Hospital Risk, but has prevented from any of the vulnerable persons in the Hospital (including future patients) from being exposed to the Legionella Bacteria.

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