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Plumbing New Heights… Outstanding Compliance Services

Do Diligence are delighted to announce that we are now working with one of Perth’s leading plumbers – Harley’s Complete Plumbing Services. Do Diligence and Harley’s Complete Plumbing Services have started working together to provide our clients with outstanding compliance services across a range of sectors. Harley’s Complete Plumbing Supplies are a forward-thinking organisation that look to work with providers that support and enhance their services and offer services to clients that provide innovation and efficiencies.

Construction protective equipment and plans representing construction industry.

Do Diligence are very excited to work with Harley’s and support them in the successful delivery of their services. Working with Do Diligence, Harley’s Complete Plumbing Services are able to provide an outstanding services to clients which include…

  • Automated scheduling of all tasks – this means that no tasks are ever missed
  • Visibility & transparency around the completion of tasks
  • Proof of presence that operators are at the correct location when undertaking the works
  • Automated report – clients receive reports while operator is still on site.
  • Automated monthly reports providing clients with summary of tasks completed, task & asset status and tracking and closing identified issues.
  • Client dashboard access to view & interact with compliance tasks
  • Working with Do Diligence software, Harley’s staff and team are able to view and capture all tasks on their mobile devices. This eliminates the need for capturing tasks on paper or even excel and then double handle the data into reports.

This not only allows for efficient use of resources, but provides immediate interaction and visibility for clients.

So how it works…Harley’s Complete Plumbing Services use Do Diligence to track and measure performance on key water infrastructure such as backflow prevention devices and TMV’s. Using Do Diligence compliance software, all tasks are scheduled (including tasks that only occur once a year or even less frequent) and staff, contractors and clients are made aware of when the tasks need to be completed. Using the mobile app, the tasks are completed (or not) and the results are immediately visible to those who need to know. Key information captured includes:

  • Tasks completed / missed.
  • Task results (in spec (green) or out of spec (red) or warning (amber)).
  • Task results are automatically trended and intelligent data is provided for decision making.
  • Reports are immediately populated and can be sent automatically at the end of the day, week or month.

This allows Harley’s Complete Plumbing Services to provide a service that not only provides essential assurance services, but that does so in an innovative, efficient and cost effective way.