Compliance Software Australia

Compliance Software Australia

Do Diligence’s compliance software (by ZetaSafe) Australia is a powerful, cloud based, electronic tool that makes the scheduling and capture of compliance & asset management data simple & efficient. It also provides powerful reporting that is able to show real time status of what tasks are complete, how the assets or systems are performing, and is able to trend performance over time to identify opportunity for improvements in your systems or people performance.

Compliance Software Australia

Why Use Do Diligence:

Early Detection:

As we all know, finding out you have a problem after the problem occurs is too late. By managing your compliance with Do Diligence, you can identify trends & problems in the early stages and intervene to prevent any risks from turning into accidents / incidents. Keeping your staff and visitors safe and you in media for the right reasons…

Due Diligence:

A challenge for most companies to demonstrate; not because they don’t do what they are supposed to; but capturing and demonstrating their due diligence is often the part that gets overlooked. With simple and secure storage of information, demonstrating due diligence is available at the click of a button.


Love them or hate them, we all need to be able to demonstrate to the auditor (internal or external) that we are achieving our compliance targets. All compliance (and asset management) data lives in the Do Diligence system, so audit preparation is as easy logging on…

Big Data:

Data makes the operational world go around, but unless you can capture, interpret and distill it, it can be more of hinderance than a help. Using Big Data to discern company, site and/or system performance means decision making power at your fingertips = Informed Risk Based Decision Making

What if:

Plan for the worst, expect the best… when something goes wrong, despite your best efforts, you want to be able to demonstrate to staff, stakeholders & regulators that you have been diligent in managing your risk and working hard to maintain compliance. Access to and being able to demonstrate this information is priceless when you need it most and that is what you want as a responsible executive…

Making Compliance Simple:

A key strength of the Do Diligence supplied system is the diverse range of compliance categories that can be managed.

Areas that we currently support our existing clients in include:

  • Water Hygiene
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Food Hygiene
  • Electrical Compliance
  • Fire Compliance
  • Metering
  • Infection Control
  • Temperature Management (Fridges, Ice Machines etc.)
  • Emergency Equipment – generators
  • Vehicles
  • Patient Bed compliance
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Housekeeping
  • HVAC
  • Waste Management
  • Ad Hoc incident reporting
  • Many more…

Accreditation Made Simple

Used extensively with clients to demonstrate compliance with accreditation tasks, our compliance software Australia is used to demonstrate accreditation compliance in a simple and efficient way…

Compliance Software Australia

Accreditation is similar to any compliance regime in that certain tasks are scheduled and need to be completed in accordance with that schedule.

The compliance solution breaks down the Accreditation tasks and schedules them to take place at set intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly etc.) and allows for evidence to be captured within the cloud-based system – evidence that is proof of presence…

The capturing of the evidence means that during the accreditation audit, all information is easily accessible and demonstrable.

With all information available in auto reports and held in one central area, the accreditation audit is simple, efficient and provides the information to the auditor at the touch of a button.

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