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Compliance Software Australia | Take the Stress out of Audits With Do Diligence

Audits – sometimes a scary word for many businesses. But with the help of Do Diligence’s compliance software, auditing no longer needs to be a frightening task. Completing audits and creating reports are now all available with a touch of a button.

Are you completing internal audits? No longer do your staff need to lug around pens and papers with a chance of losing their documentation along the way. Using their handheld devices audits can be completed as scheduled and with ever increasing efficiency. All audit tasks are scheduled and recorded once complete. This allows for senior management to be certain audit tasks are complete (or not) and ensure the audit actions are visible and managed.

External auditors coming to audit your business? Viewing your compliance data couldn’t be easier. With customisable dashboards and auto-reports, all the information you need is ready when you are. With all your compliance data living in the compliance software you are able to demonstrate to your auditor that you are achieving your compliance targets. Audit preparation no longer needs to be a daunting task.

Always Audit Ready…

A key strength of the system is the diverse range of compliance categories that can be managed. 

Within our healthcare clients alone, some of the areas that we currently support include: 

Water Hygiene
Preventative Maintenance
Food Hygiene
Electrical Compliance
Infection Control
Fire Compliance
Patient Bed Compliance
Lifting Equipment
UV Filter Management
Vaccine Fridge Compliance
Waste Management
Wheelchairs and mobility Equipment
Emergency Equipment – Generators etc.
Swimming / Hydrotherapy Pool Management
Air Purifiers (Covid Filtration)
Temperature Management (Fridges, Ice Machines etc.)

Auditor Feedback: 

While not talking directly to the auditors, many of our clients have provided amazing feedback from the Auditors. The auditors have been very impressed with the transparency of tasks being completed and the visibility of the result status.

The ease with which our clients can demonstrate compliance has made the audit process so much easier and has provided the auditor with confidence that the tasks are being completed as required.

To hear one of our clients say “the auditor was doing backflips” allowed us to be almost as happy as the client…

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