AIr Purifier next to a couch

Air Purifier Compliance Australia – Pandemic Response

Indoor air quality is a key risk to be managed in many workplaces. However, the importance of good indoor air management and air purifier compliance is critical in health care settings and has become even more critical in the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

Air purifiers are often deployed in key facilities to remove unsafe elements such as allergens, dust, mould and smoke through Its filtration technology. However with HEPA filtration, the indoor air purifiers are being deployed to capture & remove the Covid-19 virus from the air in the healthcare facilities. Thus minimising the transmission of the air-borne virus in key settings where particularly vulnerable people are located. 

During the current Covid -19 pandemic, many of our healthcare clients have procured and deployed hundreds of small, agile and mobile indoor air purifiers with HEPA filtration to support the health workplace for frontline workers and to reduce the risk of Covid-19 to the patients and visitors to the health care facilities. 

The deployment of these (indoor air purifiers) units have undoubtedly led to healthier hospitals, they have led to a new level of complexity for the deployment, maintenance & compliance for the hospitals to manage. 

At Do Diligence we are very happy to be working with our healthcare clients to manage the compliance of these critical assets in the facility. 

Visibility is critical to managing compliance

Working with key stakeholders and contractors, Do Diligence has been part of the team that have facilitated: 

  • Identifying each of the units with their unique asset identification;
  • Recording the location of each unit that is deployed across multiple facilities;
  • Scheduling all air purifier tasks, so no critical tasks are forgotten. Such as; pre filter and HEPA filter replacement and general Integrity Inspection 
  • Co-ordinating with contractors and using the compliance software to allow them to view schedules & complete tasks in real time on site; 
  • Scan the QR-Codes of the individual unit when undertaing the compliance tasks – which provides proof – of – presence to key stakeholders and provides peace of mind;
  • Display all task compliance on the dashboards and provide automated reports to key stakeholders. 

Alongside our automated reporting, clients have complete confidence and visibility that air purifiers are well maintained and safe for all staff and visitors on site. 

Managing Compliance

Working with our clients during these challenging times has proved to be extremely rewarding and deepens our admiration for everyone working during the challenging times. 

While we  acknowledge the important work being done by the frontline workers, we also recognise the important work done by the facilities teams, contractors and infection control teams who work tirelessly to provide world class facilities and contribute to safer places to work and be cared for. 

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