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Infection Prevention & Control Software Showcased at the ACIPC Conference 2022

Do Diligence and Ecosafe International were proud to attend the Annual ACIPC Conference in Sydney this year, to showcase our leading Infection Prevention & Control solutions.

The theme for this year’s conference was: Leading through the expanding horizons of IPC.

There is no doubt that infection prevention and control (IPC) is critical to the well-being of all in every community, including acute health care and aged care settings. And with the spread of Covid-19 Pandemic, this has called attention to the importance of IPC for those in the broader community as well. Though the pandemic has influenced many areas, it has also produced an opportunity for IPC leadership and innovation within Australia to be exhibited.

Infection Prevention & Control Software
Melanie & Colin at the ACIPC stand

The ACIPS 2022 Conference focused on “capturing new approaches and thinking, as well as the cornerstones of IPC with healthcare epidemiology; antimicrobial resistance and stewardship; IPC in long-term care and non-clinical settings; education, training, and staff development; community engagement and patient care”.

A highlight of the conference agreed by all was the ability to meet in person. All the IPC attendees shared the same thought that it was great to be able to meet in person and that we are able to learn and share more with colleagues in person rather than via online meetings. While the online platforms have provided an amazing opportunity to meet during the pandemic, but there is no substitution from meeting and learning from people in person. 

The team (Do Diligence partnering with Ecosafe) put on a dynamic display showcasing the services the two companies can offer to the multiple sectors across the economy in particular the Healthcare sector. As the leading compliance software provider in Australasia, Do Diligence were pleased to meet some existing clients and highlight how we are working with healthcare facilities Australia wide.

The two companies have worked closely together on many projects and have built a strong reputation for the highest quality of service and an in-depth understanding of their partner’s dynamic needs. 

Another highlight of the conference was to meet with other vendors and to see the passion and innovation currently at play in the healthcare industry. There are so many people working hard in the industry for the good of all people who are in need of care whether in the health care or aged care industry. The vendors in particular spent a lot of time and money to attend the conference and were well rewarded by an engaged audience who have a thirst for understanding and continuous improvement. 

A big thank-you to Sydney (a great city and we had not much rain), the International Convention Centre (a great venue) and ACIPC and the organising committee for a great event.

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