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Valuing Your Staff's Time

In this Case Study, we talk about the value of your staff’s time and how you can demonstrate to your staff that there are ways we can increase productivity, increase efficiency and increase staff engagement, using our compliance management software – that is a win-win-win. 

Sometimes you get to the end of the day or week and wonder, where did that time go… We are all busy and seem to be getting busier so it is important to look at areas that can save you time. 

Managing your compliance can be time consuming. Completing your compliance can be even more so.

By Using our cloud based software, we can give some time back to your staff, which means more time for you them and you. We do this by providing a cloud based app that captures compliance information at the point of use. And this is not simply has the task been done, yes or no, but real data such as temperature, cleaning tasks or chlorine readings (and a whole lot more…). 

By using the app to record this information you get multiple benefits, including:

  • Time & date stamps the task, records who completes the task and is able to geolocate
  • No double handing – staff don’t record the information paper, then enter electronically then format for a report. 
  • Notify key persons of any results, right from the location. Include photos and actions from the app. 
  • The compliance information is already in the report, no triple handling. 
  • All information is captured and ready for auditing and getting your hand on it as simple as clicking a button…

By giving staff the right tools that give them time back you are able to better engage them and show that you value their time. Not only are you making giving them time, but also showing you value the tasks that they are completing. No-one likes completing tasks for the sake of it, but if they understand that they are contributing to valuable data and that this data can show a trend or relationships that will tell a story over time. it will will also tell the good story for the staff as it can show that they have been diligently completing their tasks. So using our software to value staff is only one of the many bi-products of using a great compliance software tool. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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