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Managing Mining Compliance

Do Diligence are very pleased to be working with our clients in the mining sector, assisting them in managing mining compliance. Mining compliance offers a range of challenges and we support our clients across multiple disciplines and areas to support the safety, environmental support and ultimately production across the sites. 

Although many industries have many compliance requirements, mining as an industry is one that has embraced a positive approach to compliance and the value to risk management on site.

While the sheer volume of tasks to be undertaken can seem daunting, each of them serve a valuable purpose towards making sure the mine is safe and legally compliant in the day to day operations. While the health, safety well being and all other governance is paramount, our clients also value the transparency and ease of reporting to view that these tasks are complete and compliant. 

If a tree falls in the wood, and no-one hears it, does it make a sound? Similarly, if a compliance task is completed, but not recorded, can it be demonstrated? 

Managing Mining Compliance
Tasks are completed in the field on mobile devices

Using the cloud compliance software, scheduling of the tasks is one of the most valued features within the compliance software. For clients, scheduling routine compliance tasks is a laborious job. We believe and our clients share this belief, that this is best left to software. The scheduling of routine tasks ha been set up initially and is then left for the system to continue to schedule, leaving our clients management teams to focus on more important tasks. 

Some of these important tasks are ensuring that the scheduled tasks are complete.

Again, with the cloud based software, Do Diligence are helping tour clients to ensure the tasks are completed by users in the field, but also for the managers to easily see what is / is not complete – and how the tasks performed. All of this allows for simple management of compliance and also allows for easy demonstration when required. So when demonstrating to auditors, arrive or in the event of an incident or request from the executive team, our clients are confident to share the information at the click of a button. 

So what does data tell you…

While compliance is often considered tasks that just ‘have to be done’… Some of our clients are getting valuable information from the compliance tasks and are taking advantage to the intelligence imbedded within.

While this may vary by client, being able to view data over a length of time is allowing for clients to view the ‘big picture’ and making decisions based on accurate and site specific information. In particular, this has allowed our mining clients to avoid knee-jerk reactions – which are often costly to address – and view the data within context.

By way of example, a client was tracking the chlorine performance on a potable water tank. On receipt of an adverse microbiological test result, Instead of running expensive pipework to connect to site reticulation, the data was assessed and the result was found to be an outlier. Final recommendations resulted in the performance of the water tank management to be improved and monitored, rather than spending money on large capex remediations.

While there are many examples of supporting clients with simple, transparent compliance management, Do Diligence are proud to be provide compliance software that is well received by field personnel and management alike. The simplicity of viewing, completing and capturing compliance tasks in the field results in efficiency and adoption by site based persons. While mine site management and corporate staff have reported the realtime data, automated report and interactive dashboards as just some of the key reasons why they continue to choose Do Diligence.

If you would like further information on how our software can help you with managing mining compliance, please get in touch or connect with us on Facebook.