Supporting AS4187 Compliance

Do Diligence are pleased to work with a great partner organisation in Ecosafe International

We have been working with Ecosafe to work with health care clients to achieve AS4187 compliance – from a Water Quality perspective. This has been a steep learning journey for Do Diligence and we are very grateful to Ecosafe for the generosity of sharing their knowledge and the patience they have shown. 

Easy to view results mean informed decision making

Complying with AS4187 is critical for all Health Service Organisations and we acknowledge that the stringent standards are designed for excellent healthcare outcomes. 

As organisation move towards compliance, there is an understanding that this is a journey and there are key milestones in the journey. 

While Do Diligence do not undertake the required gap analysis, nor do we prepare the water quality plan, what we do is turn the management plan into management actions. 

Results can be easily reported and trended.

Working with our clients and Ecosafe we have implemented a compliance scheme for reprocessing of reusable medical devices (RMD). Effectively this means we have created assets within the system and have the physical assets represented in our software. The next step is to create the tasks; be they sampling or operational tasks; that are required to be scheduled and completed. 

This means that the water quality plan has been turned into a proactive operational activities, scheduling and capturing samples and uploading the returned results. This allows HSO’s to demonstrate they are meeting the requirements in their Water Quality Plan and by extension AS4187. 

Included in the set-up is the standards’ parameters for acceptable results from water sampling analysis. These parameters are set up in the compliance software so that when results are returned form the lab, these results are uploaded in a matter of seconds and results are auto calculated in to compliant (green), non-compliant results (red) or even warning (amber) results. 

A key feature why the tool has been so widely adopted includes the customisable dashboards and the auto reports features. 

Dashboards display user required information.

HSO’s are able to view results simply by logging in to the dashboard and can see any trends or early warning results to allow for proactive intervention or simply to have peace of mind that the hard work that has been put into achieving AS4187 has been worth it and continues to be worth it. 

Other features including auto reporting, notification of out of spec results, scheduling of sampling and operational tasks and a range of other features that allow for HSO’s to demonstrate continued compliance and meet the time frames for compliance which are: 

June 2021 Gap Analysis Completion
December 2021 Implementation of Water Quality Plan
December 2022 Compliance with all requirements as per AS4187.

We have had great success working with Infection Control teams around the country and would be happy to discuss options how we can help you on your AS4187 compliance journey.

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