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Queensland Health Legionella Reporting

A very happy client is one who has just won back hours of time each month due to a task being automated, in this case for legionella reporting. And it just so happens we have made some of our clients very happy with a new solution for health facilities in the state of Queensland. 

In 2017, a significant change to the Public Health Act 2005 was made and the Public Health Regulations 2018 were introduced. These regulations require the prescribed facilities – private and public hospitals, to, amongst other things, report compliance to their water risk management plan to Queensland Health.

These reports are often cumbersome and time consuming to pull together to review the plans, the sampling, results and actions associated with the Legionella reporting and testing in the facility for the previous quarter.

We are very excited to share some good news. Working with some of our Queensland clients, we have developed a new report that is saving out clients hours in legionella reporting. 

As part of the Queensland Health requirements, Hospitals are required to: 

  • Create a Water Risk Management Plan
  • Operate in accordance with the Water Risk Management Plan
  • Report compliance to the plan to the Queensland Health department. 

These requirements are set out in the Public Health Regulations 2018 and more information can be found here.

While there is a lot of work that goes to maintaining healthy water systems in a health facility, all of these requirements are captured in the plan and are physically executed on site. That is where we come in… all tasks are scheduled and recorded in our electronic compliance software. The tasks captured includes all operational monitoring and verification monitoring.

Capturing data electronically on site
Efficient and accurate data informs your WRMP

As all the verification monitoring (sampling and results) are captured in the system, it stands to reason that when the quarterly report is due, the information is easy accessible to gather and report. 

However, working with our clients, we have taken it one step further and created an automated report that gives our client the key information that needs to be reported. This means that hours and hours are saved chasing and reviewing results from the previous three months, reviewing the plan to check compliance and the associated admin. 

This report, which is easily verifiable by checking the results in the system, now makes completing the report to the department a quick and simple task and provides the hospital team with more time to focus on the important elements of their role rather than the reporting.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what one of our clients had to say…

“This quarter reporting to QLD health was by far the easiest I have ever had to summarise in all the years we have been reporting – thank you so much.  I was so impressed.”

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