Ryan Milne presenting on stage

Presenting to the world…

We are very proud and humbled to be asked to present at the IFHE 2018 in Brisbane. The International Federation of Hospital Engineering is a fantastic organisation dedicated to the continual improvement of hospital facilities and services.
Ryan and Colin were asked to discuss on the benefits of cloud computing in the health care industry and provided an engaging and entertaining discussion that was well received. To view the slides, please click here...

A key component of the presentation was the benefit of cloud computing’s ability to provide a greater level of detail by operators on site, while still allowing them to be more efficient than current ‘non-cloud’s systems. Some of the savings being realised by existing clients were shown and these highlighted the realised benefit of making use of cloud based compliance solutions.
One of the key areas were touched on is the huge portfolio managed by hospital engineers and thanks to on of the existing clients for providing an insight into their use of the ZetaSafe software, engineers saw that some hospitals are using the Zetasafe software to manage of 50,000 tasks per month! No wonder the hospital engineers we all know seem to be fuelled on coffee and adrenalin!

A final mention must be made of a great presentation that we witnessed. The work done by Mercy Ships is truly humbling and inspirational. We encourage all our customers, colleagues and friends to look into this amazing organisation.