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The Science of Cleaning Compliance

We all know that cleaning is important all the time and not just in the midst of a global pandemic.. but for apparent reasons, cleaning and the demonstration of diligent cleaning compliance becomes all the more important.

It is not just now that we should be washing our hands or covering our sneezes or coughs, but it it feels more important as the stakes are high at present with Covid-19 disrupting lives around the world.

Cleaning Compliance software
Data collection and task completion records in the field make the best use of your staff’s time.

For some of our clients, particularly those in the health care sector, cleaning compliance is something that is well managed and is easily evidenced using our compliance software. While the efficacy of cleaning is down to the diligence and training of staff that perform the critical tasks, the management and demonstration is in the remit of facility managers and other senior managers.

But being able to capture proof of presence and time and date stamping when the tasks were completed is something that is proving valuable in a high clinical risk environment, and in the current Covid-19 climate, a lot more places are becoming an increased risk location. While being able to prove that cleaning staff have attended locations and recording durations and core tasks are valuable, there is one piece of information that is proving even more valuable.

Our clients value the software for its ability to schedule tasks and to be flexible in scheduling tasks. So tasks that were required once a week or once a day, can simply be adjusted to twice a day or every hour if required. With the system alerting key managers if tasks are missed, this is a valuable step in managing this risk during a time when this risk is elevated.

Automated Reports provide realtime management information

We do understand that recording the cleaning tasks is not as critical as undertaking the task itself, but allowing managers to mange this process is critical and are happy to assist and support our clients during this difficult period.

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