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Compliance Software for Managing Legionella | Legionella detected during business re-opening

At Do Diligence we support many of our clients with their water hygiene risk using our compliance software for managing Legionella. This has been a particularly important time to support clients and to help them to proactively manage the risk of Legionella in their water systems.

Unfortunately, even with a lot of industry guidance and industry leaders advising to be cautious about the risk of Legionella being present in reticulation systems, there are numerous cases of Legionella being detected and people being diagnosed with Legionnaires Disease.

In Perth Metro area alone, 5 cases have been diagnosed including one in the mining sector – http://www.dmp.wa.gov.au/Documents/Safety/MSH_SB_174.pdf

Compliance Software for Managing Legionella

While undertaking operational activities such as flushing and measuring is important to minimise the risk, there is an important element that must be considered.

It is important that clients are able to keep accurate and effective records of what activities are being undertaken and that the measures are effective and meet legal and recognised standards.

Completing the flushing (to ensure chlorinated water is moving through the reticulation) is critically important, but keeping accurate records of not only flushing, but the chlorine levels and temperature records are key in being able to demonstrate due diligence in ensuring systems and buildings are safe for persons to return to work.

While in most cases Legionella effects persons who are imuno-compromised, it is not always the case as you will note from the Mine Safety Bulletin above, where the person was identified as “young, fit and healthy”. The implication of this is that even people with uncompromised immune systems, there is a risk of contracting Legionnaires Disease.

How we help…

We are working with a range of clients, in the health care sector and in other sectors, from mining, to commercial, retail etc. deliver outstanding compliance results.

This not only provides a more effective water hygiene management system, but peace of mind for the client team that these tasks are being completed and any actions identified arising from the activities undertaken.

Compliance Software for Managing Legionella
Real-time data provides clients with essential information at all times

Using the auto report function or the dynamic and real-time dashboards, our clients are able to identify where action is required and to ensure these actions are undertaken and are effective.

If you would like to know more about how we are helping our clients with compliance software for managing Legionella and their water hygiene in an efficient and effective way, please contact us.

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