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Here at Do Diligence, we are very privileged to work with a diverse range of clients and across a range of disciplines. This means we get to learn and understand many of our clients challenges and needs.

Working in the healthcare space, we have learned a lot about the challenges of maintaining effective refrigerated asset management and how critical these are in providing a safe, health and hygienic solution to all the customers who attend these amazing facilities.

Understanding the number of refrigerated assets, and the varied role they play was eyeopening. The number of assets is also staggering, from domestic fridges in patient room (aged care) and kitchens, to blood fridges, vaccine (medication) fridges, Freezers, mortuary fridges and more. There are a significant number of refrigerated assets that need to work effectively to maintain a functioning health care facility.

Using mobile devices to capture field data

The fridges (if we focus on those for a minute) require to maintain (tens of) thousands of dollars of medication chilled at the right temperature and are fitted with online temperature monitoring, wth alarms that are activated when temperatures go out of set ranges. These fridges are then test by trained technicians at least every 6 months, some more frequently.

Lifesaving Blood

While we often hear that there is too much regulation and too much red tape, but the important function that these assets perform mean that maintaining compliance to the standards are essential. As a blood donor (I hope you are too, it is great to know you are helping people who are facing significant challenges. It is also comforting to know that the infrastructure used to store the lifesaving blood is so well maintained and compliance is so highly regarded in our hospitals.

Refrigerated Asset Management
Visibility of data is essential to understanding and managing your risk.

In addition to fridges, we have seen the significant amount of work that goes into ensuring Ice Machines are maintained to a compliant standard. Within the healthcare space, Ice Machines play a vital role in supporting patient health. Ice Machines are cleaned weekly in some cases, tested regularly for bacteria and are checked for compliance by trained staff, quarterly to ensure they remain safe.

Our clients really enjoy being able to manage and view all Ice Machine Compliance Tasks in one single place. Viewing the data in automated reports and / or viewing on the client dashboard to view information at a glance.

While much of this may seem business as usual to the casual observer, the sheer number of assets, the number of tests and tasks that go into maintaining just the refrigerated assets is astounding.

We certainly acknowledge the amazing work undertaken by the engineering teams and infection and control departments who make sure these assets provide safe and healthy infrastructure in the health care facilities that allow us peace of mind that our loved ones are in good condition when they are in need of health care.

Some of the areas we support the health care industry are:

Water Hygiene
Electrical Infrastructure
Renal Dialysis
Emergency Generators
Emergency Eyewash / showers
TMV Management
RPZD Management
Meter Reading
Automatic Doors
Negative Pressure Rooms
Legionella Management

We are very please to let you know that as well as working with our clients directly, we also work with some leading refrigeration companies who, using our compliance software support our clients maintain their refrigeration asset management.

If you have any unusual or unique areas of compliance, we (compliance nerds) would love to hear from you so we can share the amazing work being done to help keep people safe, healthy and well.

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