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Welcome Aboard DRS Group | Dust Management Compliance

At Do Diligence, we are super excited when we get a new customer. And we are even more excited when our customers are dynamic and growing organisations and care about outstanding compliance management.

We are very pleased to announce that we are now working with Dynamic Resource Solutions Group (DRS). DRS work in the mining and resources sector and are pioneering innovative dust management compliance solutions in the mining sector.

They are working (literally) at the coal face and are bringing a world beating dust management compliance solution that will have significant impacts on the health and the safety of persons working in the active mining operations. As we all know, when you look after peoples health, safety and wellbeing, you also improve productivity, morale and efficiency and that is what is happening where DRS are working with world class clients.

dust management compliance
Do Diligence provide compliance solutions to the resource sector.

DRS understand the importance of compliance management and are putting in places electronic checks, tasks and measurements to ensure that their plant, equipment and operations are well maintained and internal and client compliance standards are maintained in a way that provides best in class solutions.

The DRS team have partnered with Do Diligence to not only achieve real-time, transparent and accountable compliance solutions, but also to streamline the compliance and reporting process with the teams working electronically to provide outstanding solutions.

Do Diligence are extremely pleased to be working with DRS in many different environments and look forward to a long and successful partnership.

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